Find Any File (FAF) 2.3b2


Find Any File (FAF) 2.3b2 macOS | 6 MEGABYTES


Find Any File searches your regional disks for data by name, production or adjustment day, dimension, or kind and also developer code (not by material, though).

As there are various other devices with a comparable search procedure, right here are the unique attributes one-of-a-kind to Find Any File:

  • Has a brand-new ordered sight of the located products, making it a lot easier to search 100s of products (see the screenshot).
  • Can run as origin customer, discovering truly any type of data on your disk, also those that are concealed from regular individuals.
  • Can conserve inquiries and also run them once again later on.

Unlike Spotlight (i.e., the Finder’s Find command), it does not access a pre-built data source however looks the selected quantity straight. This enables you to locate any type of data, also those inside plans and also others left out from Spotlight search. Hence it is terrific for discovering system data, for instance.

On the various other hand, it might take a bit longer than Spotlight, and also it is just quick on HFS(+) quantities. But also on installed network quantities of a Mac OS X web server it can still be remarkably quick.

Hence, this is not a whole substitute for Spotlight however it can come helpful in particular, otherwise numerous, circumstances.

Compatibility: OS X 10.12 or later on 64 little bit
 find any file faf 2.0b7

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